Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reebok: John Wall mural

This is an illustration I created for Reebok used for a three pack shoe for the John Walls Zig Encore Sneaker. The images goes across 3 shoeboxes when stacked vertically. The idea was to showcase the stages in his basketball career with colors/mascots/elements from his high school at the bottom, college in the middle and professional career at the top.


Clinton Hurlburt said...

Impressive! I think you have done a great job putting into art the achievements and legacy that John Walls has achieved. The athlete must be overwhelmed to see your incredible masterpiece, eh? Your skills are brilliant and I think Reebok is fortunate to have an inventive graphic artist like you. =) Good job!

Clinton Hurlburt

Lissette Monroe said...

From being a ram, to a wildcat, to a wizard! That is NICE! I also love the humor in including The Great Wall. And the colors you used for the layout are so alive!

Lissette Monroe